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Rabbi Eytan Feiner

Rabbi Eytan Feiner is a former senior lecturer at Aish HaTorah in Jerusalem and currently serves as Rabbi of the "White Shul" of Far Rockaway, NY. He holds Masters degrees from Johns Hopkins University and Touro College, as well as a degree in counseling. His lively and erudite style has made him a popular international speaker.
More instructors:
Rebbetzin Tziporah Heller
Rebbetzin Tziporah Heller is an outstanding scholar of Jewish Studies at Neve Yerushalayim College in Jerusalem where she has taught for 30 years. Her areas of expertise include textual analysis of Biblical literature and Jewish philosophy, with an emphasis on the teachings of Maimonides and Maharal. She is particularly noted for her analyses of the role of women in Judaism. Rebbetzin Heller is the author of numerous books, including More Precious than Pearls, This Way Up, Our Bodies Our Souls, Let's Face It, Here You Are, and the recently-published Battle Plans. She is also a senior lecturer at, which features hundreds of her Torah classes.
Rabbi Mordechai Becher
Rabbi Mordechai Becher, originally from Australia, is a senior lecturer for the Gateways organization. He taught at Ohr Somayach, Neve Yerushalayim and Darchei Binah in Jerusalem for 15 years, and was a chaplain in the Israel Defense Forces. Rabbi Becher is the author of After the Return and Gateway to Judaism. He resides with his wife and children in Passaic, NJ.
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