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Hebrew Level 5 - The Future Tense Explored

In Level 5, you'll master more common usages of the Future Tense.
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Meet the instructor

Shlomo Eitan

Shlomo Eitan is a seasoned educator with a deep love of the language and its heritage. For more than 35 years, Eitan has been designing Hebrew classes while teaching students in Jerusalem. His programs and curriculum have been taught at several respected educational institutions, including The Hebrew University and the Jerusalem College of Technology.  Eitan has also founded where he currently teaches.
Eitan’s coursework was designed using what he learned and continues to learn over a lengthy and ongoing teaching career, allowing him to develop a system that can help anyone and everyone learn Hebrew.
By utilizing shorter lessons and incorporating videos, he found students experienced greater comprehension than those using traditional learning methods. Shlomo makes himself directly available to all students, online or otherwise, to help enhance their learning and overcome any difficulties.
Patrick Jones - Course author