Becoming a Champion

  • Author: Beatie Deutsch
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In this course, Beatie Deutsch, Israel’s national champion in the marathon and half marathon – and mother of five young children -- takes you on a journey of how she discovered her abilities as an elite athlete, and how she used her talents to become a national champion. You’ll learn how to discover your own key elements needed for success in any field, such as training plans, motivation, roadblocks and how to go for the gold.
Meet the instructor

Beatie Deutsch

Beatie Deutsch is the Israeli national champion in the marathon and half marathon. As a mother of five young children, she has learned to apply her training to the real marathon of life. Beatie took up running just four years ago and recently went pro with the goal of qualifying for Tokyo 2020 and representing Israel in the Olympics. More than anything else, her journey has empowered her to dream big and keep pushing, a message Beatie is passionate about sharing with others.
Patrick Jones - Course author