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30 Days to (Authentic) Happiness

A proven system for creating a life of vitality, meaning, and joy - even for the natural pessimist. Watch this fascinating intro >>
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Happiness today

If you ask most people what they really want in life, most will say “to be happy…”   Yet ironically, only 31% of Americans claim they actually are. (2017 Harris Poll Survey of American Happiness)
Today’s average westerner lives a life of privilege and affluence that previous generations could have only dreamed of…but the rat race of life never seems to slow down.
Ask an acquaintance how they are doing and they’ll likely answer…“hanging in there” “getting by” “could be worse”.
Could be worse? Hanging in there? Why is this the norm?

The good news

Life is unpredictable. Life is busy. Life can be annoying. Life can be painful. But that doesn’t mean you have to suffer. There is another way.
Here’s the good news: Being happy does not depend on what your life looks like. In fact, your life circumstances have nothing to do with your ability to live a joyful and meaningful life. By learning what genuine happiness is and how to attain it, you can learn how to navigate any difficulty or challenge that comes your way. That’s why we created this course.
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What's included?

  • 13 happiness fundamentals vital for anyone who wants to experience a life of true joy 
  • 25 bite-size video modules for short and powerful instruction and inspiration 
  • 12 take-home exercises to make real and lasting changes in how you view the world, yourself, and your role in it
  • BONUS! Interactive meditation and mindfulness exercises you will love, even if you’ve never done any before  
  • Long-term access - when the going gets tough (or you just want to refresh), refer back to your favorite videos again and again
  • Mobile optimized materials for learning on the go
Course contains: 25 video lessons, 14 learning units, 12 Interactive exercises 

In this course you will learn through video classes and exercises how  to increase your happiness and live your day to day life with more purpose and meaning. Rabbi Cohen will give you practical tools to help you break negative thought cycles and learn how to see the positive in every situation. Once you have completed this course you will have the practice and the tools to enable you to reach true happiness no matter the circumstances.
Discover what happiness is, learn how to achieve that contentment in your own life, and follow a system of self-evaluation to ensure lasting change.

Curriculum includes

Preparing for the Journey

Defining Simcha

A Positive Attitude

Healthy Self Esteem

Key Attitude Shifts

Mastering Your Mind

Choosing Thoughts


Ultimate Perspective Shift

A thriving community

What students are saying

I was on a path looking for what happiness is. The course seemed like a perfect segue into that quest... I received well beyond what I thought I would get from this course. Rabbi Cohen is a good teacher and a good communicator and the information is relevant and pertinent…

Scott Fishman, Boulder, CO

I wasn't really expecting that by taking an online course I would actually become joyous. I was wrong! The course put me in a very good place for the first time in 18 months. It stresses the importance of joy being an internal state rather than the result of external factors. My friends and family all noticed the change immediately.

Geoff Miller, Highland Park, IL

What a class!  This was a life changer! Rabbi Cohen makes the definition of true happiness crystal clear. He's real and relatable, yet at the same time, his vast wisdom and insights into Judaism and human nature shine through with each carefully chosen word.  Each morsel of wisdom was given over in detail yet easily palatable and doable.

S.G., Chicago, IL

I would recommend this course to a friend. Even to an enemy! It is a beautiful, thoughtful course that educates and provides excellent guidance every step of the way. The exercises are extremely effective and build on each other as you go through the course. The content all makes sense emotionally, spiritually and intellectually.


As a busy wife and mother, I don’t usually have time to take courses, but this one was an exception. The short and focused video format made it possible for me to watch only five minutes a day, but carry the inspiration and wisdom along with me throughout my day and week.

Ann Gelber, Baltimore

Rabbi Dov Ber Cohen has a unique way of cutting through the nonsense. There is a sincere truthfulness to his words. Rabbi Dov Ber inspires by simply sharing his journey in a powerfully authentic way. In doing so, I feel I've got not only inspiration but also techniques that clearly work to help elevate one's life to the next level.

Z.E., Jerusalem

Questions for the discriminating

Most happiness courses are full of “fluff.” How do I know this one will really help me?

This course was designed as an easy-to-follow step-by-step system to discover and live a life of true joy and meaning.
Part of that system includes exercises to enable you to make the concepts discussed in the classes real and lasting. Members who have done the exercises report immeasurable long-term change in their lives.

I’d love to learn how to be happy, but I’m so stressed with life and work, I just don’t have the time to invest in a course!

Happier people accomplish more. Working on your happiness now will make you more productive in the long run.
But we know it’s hard to juggle it all. That’s why we’ve made bite-size, responsive videos that are easy and enjoyable to watch so you can go through the course at a pace and place convenient for you.
But be forewarned: after watching Rabbi Cohen you may have trouble holding off on the next installment...

I’ve taken many happiness courses before and I still struggle with finding happiness. How is this course different?

You are an educated truth-seeker, and we admire your perseverance. This course IS different and here’s why:
  • It’s based on true Torah principles that have been around for thousands of years
  • We cover topics such as mindfulness and meditation, which aren’t typically included in your standard happiness courses
  • Rabbi Dov Ber Cohen practices what he preaches, and that comes through in every word. Few educators today are as authentic, sincere, and likable.    
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Meet your guide

Rabbi Dov Ber Cohen

Rabbi Cohen is a senior lecturer at Aish World Center and is the author of Mastering Life: A Unique Guidebook to Jewish Enlightenment (available on Amazon). While he might look like your typical rabbi, he is anything but. Originally from London and with a degree in philosophy, Rabbi Cohen set out on a quest to find happiness. His journey took him to the Far East, where he learned discipline of mind and body, before he finally discovered the beauty of his own religion in Jerusalem. His travels brought him to exotic locales such as: 
  • Sri Lanka → where he volunteered with underprivileged children
  • Thailand →  where he spent 16-hour days meditating
  • Jeju Island→  where he learned martial arts training to promote discipline and  fitness
  • India → where he joined yoga retreats and experienced a 7-day fast, learning self-control
  • China → where he trained in Shaolin kung fu, an ancient Chinese martial art that emphasizes self-discipline
  • Nepal→ where he hiked the Himalayas, testing his endurance
  • Japan→ where he studied Aikido, and walked a 40-day pilgrimage to 88 Buddhist temples
Patrick Jones - Course author